Dutch Migraine Genetic Research Group (DMGRG)

Projects with our national collaborators


1. Department of Physiology (LUMC): 


Neuromuscular junction research

Together with the department of physiology of the LUMC, we study the effect of mutations in the P/Q-type calcium channel on the function of the neuromuscular junction. This research group studies electrophysiology of this synaps in various diseases including Myastenic Gravis, LEMS.

The principal investigators are Dr. Jaap Plomp and Dr. Peter Molenaar.



2. Department of Neurology (LUMC): 


LEMS research

Patients with the auto-immune disorder Lambert-Eaton Myastenic Syndrome (LEMS) have antibodies directed against P/Q-type channels. We are currently mapping epitopes that are recognized by antisera.

The principal investigator is Dr. Jan Verschuuren


Genetic and clinical studies of epilepsy:

A large study has been initiated to collect sporadic epilepsy patents as well as epilepsy families. With this material both clinical and genetic studies are being performed.

Project-leaders: Prof Dr. R. R. Frants, Prof Dr. O. F. Brouwer 

PhD student involved: Drs. P.M.C. Tijink-Callenbach