The Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium (BCLC) is a worldwide cooperative network of scientists who share a major interest in inherited breast and ovarian cancer. By means of annual workshop meetings and by collating information contributed by the participating centres, the BCLC has provided accurate estimates of the cancer risks conferred by the breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, and on the type of families associated with either of them. These data are widely used in clinical settings in which women with a strong positive family history, or diagnosed as carrying a defect in these genes, should decide, together with their health providers, for or against preventive measures. 
History of the BCLC. A brief historical overview of the BCLC (scientific accomplishments, and past meetings held)
Publications. A list of publications emanating from joint analyses by the BCLC 
  •  Steering Group. Names and addresses (telephone, fax, email) of those currently constituting the Steering Committee
  • BCLC members: Biomed2 contractors, Others. Names and addresses (telephone, fax, email) of those constituting the Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium 
  • A list of ongoing studies by the BCLC, including a brief description of aims and type of data to be collected 
  • Stat bites from the BCLC. Le raison d'Ítre of the BCLC in figures and tables 
  • Study proposals.
Upcoming Meeting 
Dates, place, and programme of the next general meeting

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