The Genetics of Breast Cancer 
and Head & Neck Paragangliomas

Positions available

Research by our group is focused on two types of cancer: breast cancer and head & neck paragangliomas. The breast cancer programme has a number of objectives including improving the sensitivity of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation testing, search for additional breast cancer susceptibility genes, search for genes that may modify the cancer risks conferred by BRCA1 and BRCA2, understanding the role of BRCA1 in breast cancer development, and search for genes on chromosome 16q that are targeted by loss of heterozygosity. The paraganglioma programme is aimed at understanding the role of SDHD in tumor development, the identification of additional genes that cause the inherited form of the disease, and the search for genes involved in the non-inherited form of the disease. Virtually all these projects are supported by the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS). Positions are available within the following projects:

Mechanism of tumorigenesis of hereditary paragangliomas of the head and neck
Funded by the DCS, starting 2002. Description here
Sollicited: 1 post-doctoral fellow; for 2 x 2 years.

Last update: 11-02-2002