Haplotypes Carrying BRCA1 Mutations Found Repeatedly in the Dutch Population

These data were published in part by Peelen et al. (1997) and Petrij-Bosch et al. (1997)
Last modified on December 3, 1997 by Peter Devilee

OriginMutationTimes found
Non-Dutch185delAG >10
Dutch2804delAA > 20
genomic deletion exon 13 (3,835 bp)
genomic deletion exon 22 (510 bp)
1410insT > 5
1438delT < 5


Human genomic DNA was isolated from 20ml EDTA or heparinized blood samples (Miller et al. 1988). Eight polymorphic microsatellite markers located on chromo some 17q spanning a 5.7 cM interval including BRCA1 were used in a radioactive PCR under conditions described elsewhere (Cornelis et al. 1995). From centromere to telomere, the order reported in the Genome Data Base (GDB) is as follows: D17S250, THRA1, D17S1321, D17S855, D17S1322, D17S1323, D17S1327, D17S579. Primer sequences to amplify these markers can be retrieved online from the GDB. A physical map for a number of these markers has been resolved (Neuhausen et al. 1996), and these distances (in kb) are:


D17S1323 is in intron 13 of BRCA1, D17S1322 in intron 19, and D17S855 in intron 20 (Smith et al. 1996). The sex-average genetic distance between THRA1 and D17S579 is 3.2 cM. We used DNA-sample CEPH1347-02 as a reference to size alleles in bp.

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