Multigenerational kindred FGT189 with inherited head and neck paragangliomas

This family has been published by Van Schothorst et al. (1996). The green symbols indicate individuals carrying an imprinted copy of PGL1 (inherited from their mother). The red symbols indicate individuals that should have expressed the phenotype, but for which no clinical data are available. Year of birth is indicated for some individuals. A-K indicate branches for which the disease-linked haplotype has been elucidated.


Van Schothorst EM, Jansen JC, Bardoel A, Van der Mey AGL, James MJ, Sobol H, Weissenbach J, Van Ommen G-JB, Cornelisse CJ, Devilee P (1996) Confinement of PGL, an imprinted gene causing hereditary paragangliomas, to a 2 cM interval on 11q22-q23 and exclusion of DRD2 and NCAM as candidate genes. Eur J Hum Genet, 4: 267-273.