In general, projects carried out by the BCLC proceed through a targeted call for data by a center which is able to collate and analyze it. All participating centers can send out a datacall to the BCLC-members. A mailing list is available upon request from Peter Devilee for those interested in sending out a datacall. The requested information usually consists of genotypings of samples from families and/or tumors. In some cases, DNA samples or tumor tissues are requested, so that the collecting center can perform quality control and ensure consistent data acquisition. Contributing data to any of the studies listed below will always be acknowledged in any publication emanating from it, although the form with which this is done can differ from paper to paper. Sometimes, 2 or 3 representatives from each center are listed as co-authors, in other instances "The Breast Cancer Linkage Consortium" is the only "author" and a table in the paper lists all the participants and their affiliations involved in that study (see, for example, the BCLC publication list). The choice will depend on such factors as Journal requirements and individual contribution to the total dataset.