University College
6. Jürgen Roes, Ph.D., group leader
     Reader (Assoc.Prof.) in Molecular Immunology
     Windeyer Institute R446
     Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology
     University College London Medical School
     46 Cleveland Street
     London W1T 4JF
     United Kingdom
     Fax: +44- 20 7676 9189
     Email address:

Jürgen Roes group has an established track record in the generation and analysis of conventional and conditional mouse mutants to study immune defence mechanisms and their regulation. Of specific interest to the proposed conditional mutangenesis programme is the generation and analysis of mice expressing the cre recombinase in granulocytes and the conditioning of the TGF-ß receptor for cre mediated deletion in vivo. The analysis of the cell type specific receptor inactivation on leukocyte development, immune defence and inflammatory disease represents a traditional focus of the work. More recently, we have developed our approach further to determine the mechanisms underlying TGF-ß receptor mediated homeostasis and disease prevention by comparative gene expression profiling and could demonstrate the regulatory pathways utilised by TGF-ß in the prevention of B cell hyper-responsiveness. Using the models already available we are currently pursuing our work on the role of TGF-ß signalling in myeloid cells and the regulation of acute inflammation. This work will be complemented by the support requested and enable us to study the inflammatory disease models available within the network and also extend the programme to chronic inflammatory reactions. Dr Roes is Associate Professor in the Department of Immunology and Molecular Pathology at UCL. The department is part of the medical school and involved in undergraduate as well as postgraduate training. Dr Roes's team comprises advanced research fellows, post-doctoral scientists, highly qualified technical assistants, and PhD students. Dr Roes has managed his independent externally funded and peer-reviewed research programme based on molecular mouse genetics for more than five years. During this period he successfully managed the associated administrative work and the training of technicians, PhD students and postdoctoral scientists.

Appointed research fellows

Experienced researcher: Tamas Varga, Hungary
Appointed on the IMDEMI project from 12-9-2005 to 11-9-2007

Early stage researcher:
Jennifer Könitzer, Germany
Appointed on the IMDEMI project from 1-9-2006 to 31-5-2009

Publications Jürgen Roes (link to PubMed)


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